Description of mCOBISS app for Android and iOS

The app is available for phones and tablets that work on the Android (e.g. Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, HTC One) or the iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) operating system. The app is available free of charge in Google Play for Android and in iTunes for iOS.


The home screen opens every time you start the app or select the Home link in the menu. It contains the field for basic searching, a link to advanced searching and randomly selected title pages of books. Basic searching can be performed by author, title, year, keyword or several other indexes in all Slovenian libraries that participate in the COBISS.SI system. In all libraries, the search is also performed by title pages of books. If you tap the left top corner of the screen, a menu is displayed, from which all functionalities of the app can be accessed.


Advanced searching enables you to define the search term in more detail in order to reduce the number of search results and find whatever you are looking for more easily. You can search by all libraries or by one library that you can find in the field for selecting the library based on its name, place, acronym or library code. You can tap the library to add it to your list of favourite libraries .
You can search for material by title, author, keyword or any other of the 30 categories available. In mCOBISS V1.4 the option of searching for e-books is added. The search can be limited by type of material or language. Once the search is complete, the search results are displayed including some basic information about the material, i.e. type of material, title, author, year, language and holdings availability.
Once you select the material you were looking for, additional details and the option of reserving the material (if the library allows it and the material is intended for loan purposes) are displayed. To reserve the material, you have to enter your library card number and password. You can also save the library with the login details to your favourites so that you do not have to enter them every time.
If the search results include an e-book that can be borrowed, you are redirected to the e-book portal from where you can borrow the e-book.
The search results can be saved or shared with others by e-mail, via SMS or through social media.

My library

In My library, you can manage your favourite libraries. To your favourite libraries, you can only add libraries together with membership details. When reserving or when searching for material, you can add libraries to your favourite libraries by touching the asterisk next to the library name. The asterisk can be clear (adding a library is disabled), grey (the library is among your favourite libraries and when touching it, you can set it as the default library) or blue (the library is among your favourite libraries and it is also the default library). If you use an Android device, you can remove a library from your favourite libraries by touching and holding the name of the library that you wish to remove or, if you use an iOS device, by swiping the library name from right to left.
To your favourite libraries, you can add more libraries and more memberships for each library that you use most frequently to search for material and to borrow material from. It is easier to access your favourite libraries as in various lists they appear at the top and also it is easier to login to My library and to reserve the material.

In the My library settings, you can select push notifications for different events (notification about reservation expiry, notification about received reserved material, notification about membership expiry, etc.). Push notifications will be automatically deleted after ten days. You can turn off the receipt of notifications in the notifications settings on the mobile device.
In My library, also the membership card barcode appears, which enables user identification in the library. The barcode is displayed when you touch the barcode image next to the membership card number in My library. The displayed barcode can be used for identification purposes in the library. The barcode with the membership card number is read from the mobile device display with a barcode scanner. It is possible to use any CCD barcode scanner that can read a barcode from a mobile device display.
The service is placed at the disposal of all mCOBISS users; each library can decide whether it will make it available to its users.
In the history of borrowed material, you can search by title and by author.

Info on libraries

Here you can see detailed information about libraries, such as the list of departments with addresses, opening hours, contact details of libraries and departments, display of library locations on the map and the option of calculating the route from your current location to the selected library.

Most read

The list shows the most borrowed material in libraries in Slovenia. It is created based on the loan data in those Slovenian libraries that participate in the COBISS.SI system and have automated loan.

Scan barcode

If books and journals are equipped with an ISBN or ISSN barcode, you can search for them by using your mobile device's camera to read the code. After that a search is performed in all libraries. The data on scanned books and journals is saved automatically so that it can be used later if required.

My bookshelf

My bookshelf is a collection of your favourite books and other material. You can use it to store records for material that you have already read, would like to read or are interested in for whatever reason. Your bookshelf can also be shared with others by e-mail, via SMS or through social media.


In the settings you can activate the master password, which additionally protects your data in My library. If you reset the data, the (forgotten) master password and your favourite libraries are deleted.
It is possible to change the language of the app interface. You can choose between English and Slovene.

Live help

Help in the form of a live chat with a librarian is available Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 8pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 1pm. It is only available on tablets with a sufficiently large touch screen.


Here you can find information about the software, contact details and the option of restarting the short presentation that runs when you start the app for the first time.

A Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection is required to use the app to its full extent. Without an Internet connection, only the options My bookshelf, Scanning and More can be used.